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Close. But no cigar.


Let’s start with our yearly moment in the sun when we applaud ourselves for the awards we’ve gathered this interactive season. First off our official Webby Honoree for The whole web staff at LMU is truly the nicest bunch of people and we are so glad they have their first award. And Lisa Kline, California Apparel News, and GodTube Prayer Wall all received Horizon Interactive awards. Now then. On to the work.

Now accepting reservations.

Traveling is fun and all but isn’t it such a drag when you get the crappy room overlooking the construction site, where work commences each morning at sunrise, even though you’re staying at the Four Seasons and rooms cost a small fortune each night? (Not that this has ever happened to us). TripKick is about to become your (and our) best friend. The site gives you insider information on the best rooms at the best hotels and lets fellow jetsetters post reviews and comments for these same rooms. In the first month following launch, over 200 tech, hotel, design, and news sites blogged about it, including Techcrunch, Thrillist, and MSNBC. And let’s not forget it’s place in Time Magazine’s top 50 websites of 2008. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in the land of luxury travel, but never fear, TripKick’s got your back.

Working it out.

The Orchard distributes more than one million songs and over 4,000 hours of video through hundreds of digital stores (like, say iTunes) and mobile carriers (like AT&T) globally. And to manage all of that, we designed their Artist/Label Workstation, a pretty intense system for record labels and artists to view, track, and get reports on listens, downloads, revenue, accounting, and more.

R-o-c-k in West LA.

The days of truly independent radio may be numbered but here on the west side of LA, we still have our little semi-precious stone in the rough. KXLU has been sharing diverse, alternative, local music for decades and as it turns out, has had the same sad website for as long. So we did what we do best... gave them a web presence that feels like their scene, maing. Check it:


Sharing the music love.

Rounding out our music trifecta from the past few months is a neat little project for our fave station (tied with KXLU of course) KCRW. Being the progressive station that they are, KCRW has hopped on the tech wagon, giving a handful of their DJs and other key music enthusiasts blogs on VOX. Following the rather strict guidelines of VOX templates, we designed skins for each of the 6 blogs they selected for the project. Being a most excellent resource for the music scene in LA, it’s only right that KCRW would share their inside info on new music/bands with the greater online community. We were more than happy to make their coveted info look pretty.


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