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Lisa Kline

Shop it to me, sister.

Big news on the fashion front! is now open for newly redecorated business! The new site is uber-cute and just oozing Lisa Kline style. And the great part is, we designed it so they can upload their own collages on the homepage to promote what’s hot this minute. Make sure you check out the lookbooks for our custom photo shoot and sexy styling. Shopping online has never been so L.A.


Extreme makeover: website edition.

This next project is a doozy. Transitioning a 60+ year old print publication to the web was quite a ride, to say the least. We should mention that California Apparel News is the leading apparel industry publication on the west coast yet hadn’t had their site updated since (literally) the birth of the internet. Whoa. Yeah, time for a lil’ revamping. Now they have a site that caters to their upscale, trend-savvy audience. Great Success!

Prayer Wall

Personal Jesus, part deux.

Our friends at Godtube must really be concerned with your eternal salvation. First (which as we all remember was the fastest growing site on the internet in August thanks to our handiwork), and now Prayer Wall. It’s a pretty dope flash experience that let’s you post prayers for users to read and respond to with comments of support. We’re not guaranteeing that these are actually getting sent to God, but you never know, they might have the internet in heaven.


Smells like SHT.

You know how sometimes you’re on the phone with say, a sultry sounding customer service rep and you find yourself thinking, damn, she sounds hot! But you’ll never really know, you know? We have just the thing to at least moderately placate your enduring anxiety over encounters like these. Presenting, our first fluidigital baby:


We are bloggers.

For those of you who can’t get enough of our witty observations on design and other non-related topics, we have a new year’s surprise for you! Our (potentially award-winning, if we do say so ourselves) blog is now open to the public. No need to stand in line, you can grab the rss feed for easy real-time dissemination as we post. Lots of thought-provoking material here, seriously.

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