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  Happy Holidays!
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Our present to you:
your very own iPhone app.

We know what you’ve been thinking... “I have this INSANE idea for an iPhone app, but who will make it for me?” Or, “My company could make 1 gazillion dollars if we only had our own iPhone app.” Or “My friend keeps talking about this iPhone app he wants to make, how do I make him shut up?”

Meet your new BFF, Fluidesign's shiny new iPhone division:

Here’s how it works: you tell us your idea. We design it, program it, get it approved by Santa Steve, and then, VOILA! Your app, in the app store, making you money while you sit around by the fire drinking eggnog with the in-laws. Plus if you refer that friend, we’ll give you 5% commish.

We are such good present-givers.

Fd Iphone
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