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Hello Fluidesign followers! Well, the transition of Summer to Fall has crash landed us right into a season that’s in need of some newfound enlightenment. And luckily for us, the recent economic events, although unfortunate and discouraging, has not affected our level of creativity and dedication to the world wide web.

So, today, we bring you some work we’ve designed and developed to make your life a little easier and a lot more enjoyable. Below we have an on-the-go and of-the-minute celebrity time-killer (or time-optimizer depending on your outlook), then some tricks on penny-pinching, and finally, a source for capitalizing the irreplaceable and indestructible investment that will never require a $700 billion bailout. Allow us to elaborate…

Celeb Daily

Eat your heart out, Perez!

Britney may be making a come back after what we all saw at the most recent VMA’s, but who was first to know? Us, thanks to the new CelebDaily iPhone application we’ve designed. With this app you can shuffle through crystal clear photos in seconds or read up on Paris’ club hopping extravaganzas she endured last night. These photos come in as fast as Shia LeBouf runs when he sees a paparazzi’s camera (that’s really fast if you weren’t aware). Anyways, love them or hate them, you know you’ll be sad to realize you’re the last to figure out Selena Gomez is way cooler than Miley Cyrus.

Coupon Chief

Coupon clipping gone digital.

Watching your Grandmother cut out coupons every Sunday morning got really boring really fast. Thankfully, Coupon Chief, with the help of Fluidesign’s creativity, has made saving waaay easier. To set Coupon Chief aside from the rest, we pumped up the functionality, adding useful social features for power users and smart shoppers alike. Now users can rate and comment on the best coupons, as well as observe others who rank and upload their favorites. For additional help, we created a nifty video tutorial to help those unfamiliar with Coupon Chief’s money saving process. With an office full of seasoned online shoppers, we can say this site rocks for finding excellent deals online.


Bookworms Beware!

Sometimes studying is overrated. But, hey, there’s got to be a way to outsmart your scary Calculus teacher, right? That’s exactly what Cramster offers its users, and it’s free! So, we updated their logo, organized their site and provided a more appealing look and feel. The result looks impressive and we’re especially proud of the cute little icons we made to distinguish user types. The site functions as an online study community and has accumulated various types of study material. Positive reviews are pouring in and Cramster has successfully acquired funding for $3 million big ones. Let’s just say the rumor’s true, two heads are better than one!

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