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Campus life.

Remember when “work” referred to finding the perfect table at the coffee shop, ordering a soy latte and settling into a stack of books or a course reader for the afternoon? Those were the days. Since it’s become quite clear that we won’t be returning to the utopia of college life, at least we enjoyed the flashbacks while we redesigned LMU’s new university site. Good times.


Powered by Jesus 2.0™

You know, if the son of God was around in the 21st century, it’s fair to say that spreading his gospel via the internet would certainly be the most efficient way to go. Lucky for him, we just gave GodTube a facelift and it in turn became August’s fastest growing site on the internet (with 973% growth according to comScore). Are we guaranteed eternal salvation or what?

Aim Gallery

Gallery opening.

AOL just launched their AIM Gallery, a community generated application gallery that we recently designed. It’s a pretty far out venue for developers to share their creativity with the positively massive AIM community. Plus it’s a great resource for users to access to all sorts of nifty applications that make their life on the internet easier and more fun.

First Announcement

Hello, world!

This month we launched another simply adorable project for our BFF and client extraordinare Wendy Bellissimo & Co. It’s an easy to create, easy to send, easy on the eyes birth announcement that allows expectant parents to introduce their little one in style. Say goodbye to the hastily-typed email sent from Dad’s Blackberry, and say hello to our gorgeous online announcement templates.

Lil Blog

The low down on living green.

Over on the socially-conscious, environmentally-friendly front we just launched a little addition to one of our favorite sites, Low Impact Living. Their new blog is up and just as lovely as the day is new. Check it out for inspiring discussions about easy alternatives to the high-impact lives that some of us (ahem) lead.


Our secret identities.

Now, we normally don’t talk about our identity design in the newsletter, being that it isn’t inherently interactive or anything. But it’s sort of a tragedy in that we do some pretty darn good logofication. In fact several of our recent logos were featured a new Taschen book. So as a special treat this month (Halloween is coming up after all), we thought we’d let them out of their cages for some fresh air. Check out our logos on our website.

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