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So far we’ve cleared off a shelf for 4 Horizon Interactive Awards (for Wendy Belissimo, LMU Admissions and 2 for World Vision) and... drumroll please... the mother of all awards, the Oscar of the interactive world, our very first Webby! (press release here). We can’t wait for that springy little guy to show up on our doorstep. We’re hoping he recruits a few of his friends next year.

Delicious ladies

What do you get when you combine a deluxe photo-shoot, killer image compositing (courtesy of our friends at Roger), and The Karma Foundation? Delicious ladies, of course! Go on, take a tour of the KandyKruise, and see what you’re (most likely) missing out on come September. But never fear, you can always visit the online version of the actual event that’s, while technically not as delicious, still pretty sweet.

You stay classy, LA.

Finally, this month we’d like to extend a very chic welcome to fashionista extraordinaire, Lisa Kline & Co. We are so excited (but trying not to show it because that would be uncool, no?) for the projects ahead with Lisa and her style empire. For those of you who are fashionably challenged or perhaps just not from LA, the Lisa Kline brand is synonymous with the celebrity-driven trends that virtually rule the fashion-scape here in LA. Get your big sunglasses ready ‘cause her new site is gonna be hot.

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