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Recently we teamed up with Proxy Films to produce the World Vision AIDS Experience, a rich media tour chronicling 2 young people whose lives have been profoundly affected by the AIDS crisis in Africa. We created moving interactive narratives which lead visitors through each story, hopefully gathering support for World Vision’s many big-hearted projects. Here’s to interactive media for a good cause!

Self promo

With their grand international presence, (offices in 4 cities & 3 continents), we’re positive that a company like Rogers & Cowan would prefer to promote themselves, rather than trust someone else to do the job. And by promote themselves, we mean hire us to make them a site as sophisticated and creative as their award-winning PR work has proven to be.

“Hey, good-looking…”

Next time you’re ogling Jessie Biel on the red carpet, take a moment to thank the benevolent team at Film Fashion for pairing her with the perfect bum-hugging gown. Then thank us for making Film Fashion a lovely little site that flaunts their own best assets… namely their work as matchmaker extraordinaire for top celebs & exclusive fashion designers.

See…design does sell.

In February we mentioned the launch of, which we quite handily revamped into one gosh darn cute website. This month Joe Bellissimo let us know that their sales have been pretty much off the hook post redesign. “We had no idea that a site redesign would impact sales in such a significant way. Since launching in late January, sales for February and March are up 15%!” Thanks Joe! We always love a good pat on the back. We’d also like to add that unique visitors and number of page visits have more than quadrupled during these first few months as well. How much would you love a redesign for your own site now?

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