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Chat it up.

AOL joined our client list this fall with a sweet little project for their web-based chat interfaces. We designed a handful of customizable skins that make chatting through your myspace page so much more fun. Stay tuned for a big project with AIM (details are classified) launching in early 2007. For all you AOL users, download our applications at

Let's get green!

While we may not have converted our cars to bio–diesels and hybrids, or installed a composter in the office kitchen, we did create a kick–ass site devoted to saving the enviroment. Aside from being gorgeous, Low Impact Living comes with a nifty impact calculator that shows you how to turn your tragically wasteful habits into glorious green ones.

Do you, like, work out?

Hate to say it, but turns out image does matter. Especially when you’re opening a boutique gym called Physique in the most superficial city this side of anywhere. Enter a Fluidesign–crafted brand plus a super deluxe greenscreen photo shoot, and Hollywood is sure to be fighting over personal training appointments.

Web Design 101

We've done so much work for Loyola Marymount University this year, we practically feel like alumni. Now experts in the art of website facelifts, we designed 3 fancy new portals for LMU: Undergraduate Admissions, ManeGate, and College of Fine Arts. ManeGate shattered expectations, with students literally raving about its upgraded functionality. Shhh... we just made it pretty.

We'd like to thank...

Finally, a petite pat on the back from us to ourselves: we won we won we won! Yep, '06 was a good year, with 4 Davey awards and 1 Horizon Interactive award joining the family, in addition to 2 features in Taschen books and 1 spread in Print magazine. This time next year, we’ll be sending out statuettes to our clients as holiday gifts. No seriously, make room on your bookshelf.

P.S. - We’re hiring.

WANTED: Detail–obsessed, highly personable Junior Project Manager to lead and manage interactive, print design, and strategy-oriented projects. Know someone? Pass it on. We're also hunting for web developers with impeccable markup skills and reckless enthusiasm for building innovative digital experiences. Email

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